It’s that time again…time for the Brothers to show off their tech suggestions! In this BiTs episode, we have a little bit of everything…hardware, accessory, & software…free, pricey, and even a techie way of giving to charity. And, as you watch/listen to the first part of the episode…don’t panic, Alan didn’t have to do the whole episode on his own. I mean, Brother in Tech doesn’t really have the same ring to it…

Alan’s Picks:

·      Hunter Cavera Simple Connect Wi-Fi Fan with HomeKit (~$160 Amazon, $219 Home Depot): Smart ceiling fan that you can control (light and fan separately) with an app/voice assistant.

·      Letterboxd (Free, $19/year for Pro): Social media for film and movie lovers! Keep track of the movies you have watched (or want to watch), suggestions from friends, etc. And, if this sounds familiar…yes, Alan is recycling BiTs here.

·      BONUS PICK! Amazon Smile: Designate a portion (0.5%) your Amazon purchases to the charity of your choice.

Brian’s Picks:

·       JASP Statistics Software (Free): Open source (but regularly updated) statistical software that is a nice free replacement for SPSS.

·      Thule Gauntlet Sleeve/Case ($65 through Thule, $30 through B&H): Protective (semi-hard structure) sleeve/case for your laptop or tablet with compartments for charger & dongles.

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